About Mosaic Church of Bowie

Our Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission as a church is

(1) to lead men, women and children to faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior,

(2) to lead those who have received Jesus Christ as Savior in baptism by immersion and to teach and

(3) to disciple all believers in the Word of God and to teach them all that Jesus Christ instructed us

Church History

MCB does not have much of a history to date.  We are brand new and just getting started.  In November 2012 a Baptist pastor from Fort Washington, MD started to challenge David & Tricia Johnson to start a new multi-ethnic church in Bowie, MD.  At that time the Johnsons had just finished up a multi-ethnic ministry in Austin, MN.  In the previous 7 years their church in Minnesota had transitioned from a mono-ethnic, English speaking church to a multi-ethnic church with 8 different ethnicities, 4 different language groups and pastors from 2 different ethnicities.  The church had almost doubled in size and had already started 2 other churches.  Since then 2 more churches have been started out of that ministry.  The goal is to launch Mosaic Church of Bowie as early as possible in 2015.  We want to start with Bible studies as soon as possible which will then lead to public worship services later in the year.


Our direction is to have 2-4 pastors, all of different ethnicities.  The major ethnicities of Bowie are African-American (48%), White (38%), Hispanic (7%) and Asian (3%).  Therefore we seek to have co-pastors of those same ethnicities.  We desire to see the congregation and the leadership, as closely as possible, represent the ethnic makeup of the population of the city of Bowie.  All pastors will share fully and equally in the leadership of the church.  Pastor Dave Johnson will take the lead to begin with and we are actively seeking to add 1-3 more pastors to the leadership team


We are also seeking support staff for children's ministry, music & worship ministry and teen ministry.  Tricia Johnson is leading our teaching ministry.