Where are we at? Where are we going?

Mosaic Church of Bowie is different intentionally than any other church in Bowie.  There are several distictives that set MCB apart from everyone else.  Other churches may have some of these distinctives but no other church has all of them.  We are not here to replace or compete with any other church in the City of Bowie. Frankly we feel that Bowie is greatly underchurched for its population of over 55,000 people.   There is plenty of space for everyone!  We are glad to be just a small part of the spiritual life of Bowie!

1.  We are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-languages in our congregation.  We seek to reach every nation, every tribe and every tongue that heaven will look like according to Revelation 7:9.

2.  We are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-languages in our leadership.  This is our greatest intentional distinctive. We do not want you to check your culture and ethnicity at the door and "blend in" with everyone else. We want you to be distinctive and true to who you are and where you are from.  We want to celebrate our ethnic diversity and use it for God's glory to reach the nations who have come to Bowie, MD.

3.  We are expository in all our Bible preaching and teaching.  In other words all our preaching and teaching is directly from the Bible and not from other books about the Bible. We want each person who attends Mosaic to be able to read, study, understand and apply the Bible for themselves.

4.  We are evangelistic in all of our ministry.  Our greatest goal is to share with everyone we come in contact with about Jesus Christ and how He can save them eternally.  How He died, was buried and rose again for the payment and forgiveness of our sins and to give a home in heaven with Him.  This is shared in John 3:16 and John 14:1-6.  We also want to send 20% or more of our congregation back to their home countries to evangelize, start churches and disciple new believers.

5.  We are disciple makers.  After a person believes personally in Jesus Christ as their Savior we want them to learn, know and understand the Bible.  We will continually and faithfully teach the Scriptures to new and older believers alike.  We want believers to be able the fish on their own and not have leaders just give fish to them.

We are very early in this journey.  Would you join us? Would be be part of one of the most exciting journeys a believer can take?  If so we would love to talk to you.  Email me or call me today!

In Bonds of Calvary,

Pastor Dave (from Ontario, Canada)