You can help support and be a part of Mosaic Church of Bowie!

We need your support help in several ways.

1.  Prayer Support - please pray for us that every step of our journey will be God's will, not our will.  We only want what God wants. We want it all for His glory and His praise!

2.  Presence Support - you can attend one of our gatherings.  Whether it is our weekly Bible studies that are taking place now or our Sunday gatherings that will be starting in the very near future.  You will encourage the leadership and the other attendees by your presence and participation.  This may be on a permanent or temporary basis.  Both are needed.

3.  Financial Support - Any church plant needs finances every step of the way.  We presently have just a couple of individuals supporting the planting work as we get this ministry off the ground.  We are seeking to build a stronger financial base to launch more Bible studies, Sunday services, more outreach marketing, a permanent office presence, more leadership staff on a part time or full time status.

If you can help in any of these area, please contact Pastor Dave through our Email Us button at the top of the Home Page or call him at (507) 440-3698 to reach him in person.

Thank you in advance for your support Mosaic Church of Bowie, MD!

In Bonds of Calvary,

Pastor Dave